From Suzanne:

 Well hello and welcome to my blog—and our snazzy new website. I’m a little rusty since it’s been a while since I’ve kept one of these, so don’t expect anything too noteworthy anytime soon. I’ll do my best tho.

Let’s see, first off,  thank you for your warm welcome to me—It’s never easy to be the “new girl” but you have made this an easy transition. Shane and I are getting to be more like brother and sister every day so you can expect things to only heat up. I’m taking odds on who starts the first food fight!

If you were listening in on the “Neti Pot” discussion this morning, I’m certain you think I’m disgusting. Or else you’re thinking “In the shower! Now THAT’S a great idea!” I’m hoping for the latter. I mean really, what does Shane know?

You probably need to know that I am one of those Grammar Nazi’s (although I screw up all the time!) Recently, I went off on a tirade about the difference between “want” and “won’t” and also “sale” vs. “sell” but in all honesty, in the script I wrote for a commercial last week, _I_ used the wrong form of “their”. Rookie mistake. And I can admit that. I _have_ to admit it—Shane’s the one that caught it.

Let’s see, what else do you need to know about me—I’m always right, I stand up for the underdog and have a dark and twisted sense of humor. I’m also pretty independent and it can get me into trouble—like the time I got lost on Mount Cheaha. I started hiking (solo!)  at the top and came out, HOURS later in Shinbone. No phone, no food, no water. Not one of my proudest moments, I admit, but it makes a great “when I first moved to Anniston” story. There’s a ton more. Just keep checking back in.

Talk to ya tomorrow!

 Suzanne Coker     suzanne@wkxx.xom