Girls & Goose Bumps On Idol

This is starting to get awkward. Whenever Keith Urban gets goose bumps on American Idol, I get goose bumps. And it happened again during girl’s week (Feb. 13-14) in Hollywood. Especially when Kree Harrison starting singing “Stars” by Grace Potter. By the middle of the song, Urban was literally rubbing the goose bumps on his arms. “Can I just say quickly, I’ve fought for you a few times, and I know why,” he said. “‘Cause your voice is one of my favorites in the entire competition. You have something amazing in your voice that, literally, my arms get covered in chills when you hit certain notes.” Harrison also did an outstanding job the night before when her group, the Dolly Chicks, tackled the Dixie Chicks“Sin Wagon.” Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, indeed.

Blake Clark