Miley on new musical path?

I had the pleasure of waking up this morning and seeing a video┬átitled “23” posted of Miley Cyrus’ rap debut. I honestly have mixed thoughts with this. Some might appreciate the variety from pop to rap, but the transition we’ve witnessed is almost jarring. However, this all could be part of a grand plan in her life that we may not yet be aware of.

As I had said in an earlier post there is a documentary on MTV coming out that will do one of two things:

1. Clarity will be provided for all and we shall be properly enlightened into the lives of the Cyrus family.

2. There will be no clarity and everyone will come out of it enraged and feeling sorry for the younger audience that has inadvertently been pulled into her new lifestyle.

What do you all think about this? Click here for the rap video. Feel free to email me your thoughts! I might use them in the next post.