Learning To Let Go

Some how we constantly find ourselves discussing various indiscretions with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. There’s something we should all stop and consider. Would these negative stories of outrageous stars perpetuate themselves less if we just decided altogether to not talk about about it?

We see storiesĀ on how Bieber is threatening people and driving fast n’ furious, Miley sexually liberating herself on and off camera, but I think if we strive to change the archetype of what’s considered “entertaining” news we could slowly transition to a world that does not celebrate celebrities crude behavior

With that said, a different argument would suggest that people crave these stories to serve as a distraction from problems in their own lives. What do you think? I’m interested to know your thoughts on the subject matter. You can email me at the address below!

Cliff Kyle: Digital Director