Social Media Impacts On Employment




Cliff Kyle: Digital Director, WQSB

Something a lot of us fail to take into consideration are the potential consequences that bestow job seekers. Employers are turning to social media more and more to assess whether or not a candidate will be a satisfactory addition.

If you’re on the hunt for a job here are some faux pas one should avoid:

1. Avoid making religious posts. Not all employers will hold the same religious/ philosophical beliefs and something you post might turn the employer off.

2. Political threads are a deep no-no. You deeply feel that your conservative or liberal values should be the primary way of life for everyone, but just like religion everyone will have a difference in opinion.

3. Avoid posting/tagging pictures that frame you in a negative light. In 2009 a Georgia woman was asked to resign from her teaching position because of a picture she had posted while on vacation. The picture would not be considering damning by most people, but the image was of her with an alcoholic beverage.

Be safe and be conscious job seekers! Remember, someone is always watching.