American Idol Heaven

Mariah Carey had an interview not too long ago where she had described going to work at American Idol as “going to work with Satan.” Things weren’t so great during her short stint with the program. Problems on set between her and ex-judge Nicki Minaj caused a lot of tension with cast and crew, but now they’ve recruited two new celebrity judges. So, instead of steering towards another hate filled drama, the new judges bring much needed happiness and relief to the program.

Two new judges, Harry Connic Jr. and Jennifer Lopez, join the program with returning judge, Keith Urban. Harry Connick Jr. is more than aware of Ms. Carey’s past with the program and he had reportedly tweeted “@MariahCarey – Must’ve been hard to judge in hell,” he wrote. “Idol XIII: Welcome to heaven! @JLo @KeithUrban @RyanSeacrest @AmericanIdol #idolXIII.”

Does American Idol stand a chance of winning a place in America’s homes? And do the new judges bring much needed relief to the program or great angst and anticipation?