Morning Mix Rewind

  • Congratulations to today’s birthday winner……Jerry Jenkins of Gadsden!
  • Miranda Dupree of Rainbow City answered today’s Brain Buster:

    68% of hiring managers say they will reject a candidate IMMEDIATELY if they do this during the interview.  What is it?

    Answer: Answering their cell phone

  • Don’t you wish you had been invited to THIS party?  And don’t you wish Gadsden had a subway system?

  • You may remember that LL Cool J’s rap name is short for “Ladies Love Cool James”, but he went through several “rough drafts” before arriving at that one……

  • We asked you……Do you have a unique nickname?  If so, how did you get it?  Take a listen to one of the best we got!

    Tomorrow morning……the Morning Mix goes straight into the toilet!  Which bathroom habits of your spouse/significant other annoy you?  Call us @ (256) 413-1029 or tell us on Facebook!

    Enjoy your day, and thanks for being a member of the Morning Mix Family!

    Shane & Suzanne