Morning Mix Rewind 1/23/2014

  • Congratulations to our birthday winner, April Taylor, whose age wasn’t given in the email we got.  Under the rules of Morning Mix Local Celebrity Birthdays, she’s 86!
  • Today’s Brain Buster………..

    Ladies, if you want to have a full head of shiny hair, John Tesh told you on yesterday’s “Intelligence For Your Workday” that THESE should be a staple of your diet.  What are they?

    ANSWER: Walnuts  

    Congratulations to Tim Holcomb of Rainbow City for getting it right!

  • We told the story of the mom and dad who just wanted a “sleep in” day and the note they left for their kids to handle things themselves for a couple of hours.  Find that story HERE.

    We asked you to fill in the blanks……I would bribe my kids with __________ if they would allow me the luxury of __________ JUST ONCE

    How did the Morning Mix family respond? FIND OUT HERE!

  • It was perfect timing on Throwback Thursday, with the news that the casts of “Full House” and “Seinfeld” are reuniting for separate Super Bowl commercials  AND Bill Cosby announcing his return to TV in a new sitcom!

    We asked you which bands, TV show casts, or movie stars you’d like to see reunite to do something new?  Who were your choices?  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!