Four Dead As SUV Goes Into Lake

Four people are dead — two men and two women…after an unusual accident. They all drowned inside am SUV that went off a boat landing in Cherokee county. Two people survived. It happened about 7 Tuesday night. The dead identified as Robert Hardin, Christy Hardin, Dale Steven Keener and Cheryl Hobson ranging in age from their 20’s to about 40. Very little information given at this point. It happened on a narrow gravel road that runs into Weiss Lake. Apparently very foggy at the time —- but the investigation continues as to why they drove into the lake.

Still fighting to get back into his judge’s robe. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore — who was thrown off the bench — is appealing. Moore’s attorney said in a brief filed Tuesday that a disciplinary committee went beyond its authority by suspending Moore for the remainder of his term. The panel ruled in September that Moore violated ethics rules —- when he went against the U.S. supreme court ruling on gay marriage.

Amazon has big dreams of delivering packages to you by small flying drones. The U.S. govt so far not crazy about drones filling the sky — but Amazon did its first drone delivery in England. A guy ordered popcorn and an Amzaon fire stick. He lives near an Amazon warehouse and it took the drone 13 minutes to fly over and drop off the pacakge. Amazon says it has developed “sense-and-avoid” technology to help the drones fly around towers, and even avoid birds.