Drug Bust Outside Boaz Court

Not a good idea to go to court with drugs in your car. Albertville woman went to court in Boaz…cops got a tip, she might have drugs. So, the drug dog sniffed outside her car, sure enough he smelled plenty. Meth and pot and pills. 43 year ol Christi Peppers arrested.

If you have a non-profit that wants to use Albertville schools — it will cost you more. New policy approved by the school board, including a requirement for a million dollar liability insurance policy. Rental fee for the Albertville High Gym — $1,000/day.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is singing a new song about Roy Moore. Instead of urging Moore to drop out of the race over accusations of sexual misconduct, McConnell now says — it’s up to Alabama voter. But, McConnell said, if Moore’s elected, he could be investigated by the Senate ethics committee.

Making money on college football in Alabama. Alot of people are apparently renting rooms or their entire homes — on Air BnB to people who come to games at Alabama and Auburn. Earning more than 1.1 million in the past two football seasons according to number crunching by AL.com.

A drug store filling prescriptions and selling health insurance. It’s coming. Drug-chain CVS will buy Aetna insurance — a $69 billion deal that will help the drugstore chain get more involved in health care — more than just selling prescriptions.criptions.