Dave – My Cats


I have two fur babies.  Their names are T.C. (the white one) and Willie (the grey one). They are BFFS (best furry friends), because they do everything together!  T.C is the oldest at 14 years-old,while Wille is the baby at 4 years-old.  T.C loves to be held and petted, while Willie is more of a touch-me-not.  He would rather play!  Willie is always bringing us little “gifts” to the front porch.  So far he has caught a mole, a lizard, a frog, and a mouse!  Still hasn’t brought us a snake yet… You will always find these two following each other or cuddling together.  They can’t be separated!!!

I love my two cats!  Almost as much as Linda loves her Cali Rose!



Linda: “Cali Rose”

If you have listened to the Power Morning Show even for a few minutes, you’ve probably heard about my little Cali Rose.  I know everyone thinks their pet is the most spoiled, but this little girl “takes the cake” so to speak!  She came to live with us when she was only 7 weeks old…so little she would fit in the palm of your hand.  At the time, our little chihuahua Coco Marie had passed from heart failure and I really wasn’t ready for another dog, but God had other plans.  My son brought her to me and at first I said no, then the next day I had him go back and get her.  Of course I said all the things most people do when they are mourning a pet…”I’m not gonna get attached”, “This one will be just a dog”…yea, yea, yea….that didn’t last long by no means!  From day one Cali has been my shadow, my “dog ter”, my baby.  It’s funny how something so little and so fuzzy can become your best friend.  Yes, I’m a “dog person” and proud of it.  So when you hear me talking about little Cali Rose you will know that I’m just talking about my fuzzy kid…17493037_10208150582394730_7960482812242590851_o (1)


Wedding Videography


Last year I was asked to film a friend’s wedding,  and I knew absolutely nothing about them!  I spent the next 2 months researching about weddings and what kind of gear I will need to bring.  After a lot of recommendations I purchased my first DSLR camera (Canon t5i) after years of using Sony HD camcorders.

My wedding shoot starts out with me filming the setting, what everything looks like before the ceremony.  Then I will get the OK from the bride to start shooting bride prep.  I also make sure to get some of the groom’s side.  I have 2 lenses that I take with me: A prime lens, which does not zoom, and a zoom lens, which I use for the ceremony.  It is also important for me to capture good audio, so I have a shotgun mic on my camera as well was a mic on the officiant.  Right now, I shoot everything on a monopod, which is a tripod with only one leg (pictured above).  It prevents shaky shots while still looking hand-held.

Filming weddings is a lot of fun!  I hope to get more and more!  The end result of the film and the bride and groom’s reaction make all the stress and chaos worth it… DAVE

You can check out my latest wedding film HERE

Linda – Yes, I’m a Pinterest fanatic…!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend…a long holiday weekend for most of you, but not us radio folks…nope, we work on Monday just like any other day…good news is, I LOVE my job so it’s not like “work”…  But…my family will have the traditional cookout and might even manage to go fishing for a little bit!

How many of you are Pinterest fanatics like me?  Oh. My. Goodness!  Now I’m not the craftiest of persons, but I do love “shabby chic” and “primitive, country” looking things!  My latest projects…not the most professional,  but I like ’em!

18485681_10208555771764211_4583512990974988788_n  18485512_10208555391234698_5969903815682209320_n

My Mom had given me an old chandelier years ago.  I took out all the wiring, painted it and put solar lights on it!  Lights up at night outside my back porch and is gorgeous!  The old antique gas heater I found in my cousin’s garbage heap.  He thought I was crazy but gave it to me anyway!  Took it home, took out the broken bricks added flower pots and instant planter!  Now, on to another project……..Have a safe Memorial Day and take a moment to remember those who have gone before us…Have a blessed day, Linda


Dave here…


Thank you to everyone who listens to Power 107.5 FM!  I am excited that I get to start my radio career hosting a morning show!  My interest in radio started at the very young age of five.  On the way to kindergarten my mom would play the “Rick and Bubba Show”.  They became a part of our morning and I said to myself,  “I want to do that one day!”  So my older brother Chris and I decided to make our own radio show on our tape recorder.  We called it…you guessed it:  “Chris and David”.  My interest in being a radio host left me when I discovered YouTube.  In 2009 I uploaded my first video and decided to become a YouTube personality.  After many years of uploading funny (and slightly embarrassing) videos on several different YouTube channels, I developed a passion for video production.  In 2015 my interest in being a YouTube star started to fade as I was busy working a full time job while finishing school at Jacksonville State University.  I had my first radio show on WLJS 91.9 FM, which is the campus radio station.  I didn’t really know how a show was supposed to be ran until I interned at Power.  I took what I learned from my internship and impressed the communication department with my show “Dave and Friends” which won the “Best Talk Show” award!  I graduated in April 2017 and I’m currently co-hosting “The Power Crew” with Linda Conner.  God continues to bless me every day!  I look forward to being on Power 107.5 FM…God bless!


Quick Hello…


First of all let me say a big ‘ol thank you to all who listen to Power 107.5 FM!  I am looking forward to using this blog to talk about music, artists, local events, things of interest happening around us, sharing photos and of course I’ll be posting pics of my new little granddaughter Bentley Ann due in August as well as pics of my little “dog-ter” Cali Rose!  So be sure and check back regularly for new posts and tell all your friends about POWER!  Have a blessed day…..Linda

Welcome Dave

Power 107.5 FM welcomes Dave who started his broadcast career with us as an intern while finishing his degree at JSU, and now returns to co-host the Power morning show with Linda Conner weekdays 6:00am till 8:00.Dave