Win Garth Brooks Tickets

GARTH BROOKS hasn’t had a concert in Birmingham, Alabama in 19 years…..but he’s coming back and we’ve got your FREE TICKETS to see him live!
Garth will have 2 back-to-back shows on Friday, June 12th & Saturday, June 13th at the Legacy Arena at the BJCC.
Tickets officially go on sale on Friday, April 17th @ 10 am.

Be listening,your chance to win tickets to see Garth Brooks is coming soon, from Alabama’s Country Giant, WQSB!


Where is your Dew Destination?

Northeast Alabama, Where do you DEW?  Water Skiiing on The Coosa River or swimming at Guntersville Lake?

Mountain Dew and WQSB wants to know where and how you enjoy spending time in Northeast Alabama. Simply visit a local tourist destination in Northeast Alabama and snap a photo of you and your friends enjoying Mountain Dew.

Log in to our contest site and upload your local DEW DESTINATION photo for your chance to win a weekly prize package from Mountain Dew  and $50 in cash from WQSB.

Week #1: Clay Minor  is our 1st WQSB Mtn. Dew Winner with his “Dewing Some Bow Fishing At Night” picture, congrats Clay!



Fantasy Racing Contest 2015

Okay all you Nascar Fans…Our Auto Racing Challenge is back.
$50 up for grabs for the best picks for each race.
Just pick the 10 drivers you think will finish 1st through 10th for each race!  Your top 15 races count as your overall score.
Special thanks to our sponsors: B & C Tire Company and Wilks Tire & Battery.
Thanks, and enjoy the races!
Week #1 Winner: James Upton of Crossville -$50
Week #2 Winner: Donnie Hamilton of Fort Payne- $50
Week #3 Winner: Kelly Sampson of Albertville – $50
Week #4 Winner: Mike Brown of Rainsville- $50
Week #5 Winner: Mike Spurlin – $50

$ Secret Sound 2015 $

The WQSB SECRET SOUND CONTEST is back…with more $$$$…more sounds and more chances to listen to win!!
Remember you can also download our FREE app and never miss a chance to play.
Contest numbers: 256-878-8000 or 800-233-1051

Secret Sound #1: Pouring uncooked macaroni into a glass bowl. WINNER: Sandy Blalock $525.00
Secret Sound #2:
Donkey Kong. WINNER: Carolyn Fields $175.00
Secret Sound #3:
Spraying air freshner from an aerosol can. WINNER: Garret Haney $175.00

We will be playing the Secret Sound Contest #4 today at (4/17/2015):

7:10 am with Barry, Al & Mary….No Winner….Pouring rocks out of a bucket
11:35 am with Mike Alan
3:20 pm with Rod Sisco
7:35 pm with Blake Clark After Dark

SECRET SOUND #4 CLUE: 1- Outside is the place for this sound…don’t look high…try looking on the ground
SECRET SOUND #4 CLUE: 2-If you’re thinking ice cream or traffic…you are not even close…think again
SECRET SOUND #4 CLUE: 3-When you think of this sound…you can mark off straw..tar..and Sol and you should know what it is

  • Incorrect Answers from Thursday, April 16th
    7:10 am with Barry, Al & Mary….No Winner…Candy Wrapper being crumbled and thrown on the ground
    12:20 pm with Mike Alan….No Winner…Leaves crunching under feet
    3:50 pm with Rod Sisco…No Winner…Walking on ice and cracking it
    7:50 pm with Blake Clark After Dark…No WinnerWalking on ice
  • Incorrect Answers from Wednesday, April 15th
    7:10 am with Barry, Al & Mary….No Winner….stepping on acorns and crunching them
    10:35 am with Mike Alan….No Winner….Crunching Up Leaves
    4:35 pm with Rod Sisco….No Winner….Walking On Leaves
    8:20 pm Blake Clark After Dark…..No winner….A Fire…
  • Incorrect Answers from Tuesday, April 14th
    7:10 am with Barry, Al & Mary…Poring change into a glass jar
    10:35 am with Mike Alan…Bacon frying in a skillet
    4:35 pm with Rod Sisco…Eatting potato chips
    8:20 pm with Blake Clark After Dark…Opening a candy bar
  • Incorrect Answers from Monday, April 13th:
    7:10 am with Barry, Al & Mary….No Winner….Unwrapping a gift
    11:20 am with Mike Alan…No Winner…Pop Rocks Candy
    3:20 pm with Rod Sisco…No Winner…Opening Foil Candy Bar Winner
    7:50 pm Blake Clark After Dark…Tearing off Aluminum Foil
  • Incorrect Answers from Friday, April 10th:
    7:10 am with Barry, Al & Mary….No Winner…Opening a Little Debbie Cake
    10:50 am with Mike Alan… No Winner…Opening a bag of potato chips and eating one
    2:20 pm with Rod Sisco….No Winner….Popping bubble wrap
    7:20 pm Blake Clark After Dark…No Winner…Frying eggs in a pan



Show Us Your Big Catch 2015

Spring is finally here and it’s time to break out those fishing poles and head to the lake! If you catch the BIG ONE, send us a picture of your BIG CATCH and you could be one of our lucky monthly winners.
Each month someone will win a $100 gift card from Freedom Marine Center in Guntersville and Wagon Wheel Boots in Arab.
Send us your pictures today and have fun trying to catch the big one ;)

Our Big Catch 2015 sponsors include: Freedom Marine Center in Guntersville, and Wagon Wheels Boots in Arab.


**Submissions are not voted on. One random winner is chosen per month.**