Mix Brain Buster

MONDAY (2/25/13) 

The typical American did this 152 times last year. What is it?
ANSWER: Ate a fast food meal. That’s about a half-dozen fewer than five years ago.

TUESDAY (2/26/13) 

Nine percent of adult males claim they’ve “never” done this. What is it?
ANSWER: Their own laundry.

WEDNESDAY (2/27/13) 
Less than 5% of movies released each year in the states have this in common. What?
ANSWER: They’re G-Rated!
THURSDAY (2/28/13)
North America has eight percent of the world’s population of these.  What are they?
ANSWER: Catholics. That’s actually up from 100 years ago, when only five percent of the world’s Catholics lived here. Nearly four in 10 now live in South America or the Caribbean.