Gary Wayne Houston

Age: 49
Town: Fyffe
Biography/Details: Passed away Saturday September 19th, 2020

Visitation: Saturday September 26th, 2020 3-4pm
Service: Saturday September 26th, 2020 4pm

Request for flowers: 
Funeral Home In Charge of Service: WT Wilson Funeral Chapel
Funeral Website:

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Accused Home Invader Caught In Boaz.

Home invasion in Boaz. A Sardis City man arrrested — 41-year-old Vincent Galimore. Police say Galimore broke into a home — the owner confronted him and called police, so Galimore ran out. Officers caught him nearby. Police say be sure to keep your doors locked.

Marshall Prisoner Released Early After Jail Beating

A Marshall county man who has two black eyes and a broken jaw and nose — is out of jail early — because those injuries came from inmates beating him. Marlon Reese says a jailer allowed the beating and that jailer was later fired. Reese says the jail is dangerous. No immediate response from the sheriff’s office when contacted by a local reporter.

Terrorist Activity In Alabama

A 22 year old woman was charged by the Feds with trying to provide money and other resources for al Quaeda — the terror group. Alla Mohd Abusaad arrested. She was living in Tuscaloosa — arrested in Ohio. She was involved with an undercover FBI informant, telling her how to send money to the terror group without being caught.

Piggyback Dude Arrested For Bizarre Behavior

Strange behavior. A 35 year old man has been arrested for jumping on a high school football player’s back at a pep rally. The man slipped the kid a note with 20 bucks in it. The note talked about the player’s rear end. Turns out Sherin Shayegan has a history in several states of doing this kind of thing. He was asking people for piggy back rides at a Walmart in Huntsville — he was arrested in Hoover.

Albertville Killers Conviction Upheld

The State Surpreme court upholds the murder conviction of an Albertville man. 38 year old Jessie Phillips convicted for the murder of his wife and their unborn child. Phillips shot and killed his pregnant wife at a car wash. He got the death penalty.

Money For Trail Improvements Locally

Money for hiking trails and outdoor activity. Governor Ivey handing out state and federal grants for the recreational trails program. $2.7 million in all. The city of Guntersville gets $320,000 to extend the Guntersville Trail from downtown Guntersville to the Tennessee River waterfront. Cullman County gets just over $291,000 to build a bathhouse at Stony Lonesome OHV Park.

Gadsden School Election Moved

Hot topic in Gadsden: should the school board continue to be appointed by city council — or should voters pick the board. Voters will get to decide on that question — but the vote has been moved to early next year. It was set for November 13th — but the election was not advertised soon enough in the newspaper as required by law. So the vote has now been moved to January 22nd

Ivey Defends Her Health

Gov Ivey — who is 74 years old — says she is in good health. Ivey says it is not true that she had a mini-stroke back in 2015 on a trip to Colorado. Spencer Collier, the former head of the state law enforcement agency, said Tuesday that the trooper traveling with Ivey said she had a transient ischemic attack — or, a stroke. But Ivey released a letter from her doctor saying he saw no evidence of a mini-stroke.

Ivey Orders Parole Board To Stop Letting Dangerous Killers Out Of Prison Early

Governor Ivey says the state parole board has been letting dangerous prisoners out too early on arole and it’s a threat to public safety. So, Ivey has issued an order that for now — no early paroles for violent offenders — and the parole board has to come up with a plan to correct the problem in 30 days. A triple murder in Guntersville is one reason the issue is in the spotlight. Jimmy O’Neal Spencer got an early parole, now he’s charged with killing two women and a 7 year old boy.

I See A Bear -- In Albertville

Police in Albertville have been getting calls about a bear. The police chief says the bear was spotted Thursday and it’s been on the move. Spotted near the airport and in the Terrace Heights neighborhood. The chief said no one has been bothered by the bear — but he warns, if you see it, don’t get too close. And it is best not to leave garbage or pet food out…it might attract the hungry bear.

Police Hope For Tips To Catch Bandit

Gadsden police out with a picture of a robber — hoping somone can ID the guy who robbed Dollar General last month. The man, seen with a gun in hand — demanded money — then ran out with the cash. No one hurt.