Decatur Woman Charged With Killing Husband

A Decatur woman is locked-up, charged with shooting her husband to death. Michelle Lee Owens was arrested Sunday when police were called to the home on Lenox Drive yesterday. They found her husband, Lawrence Owens, shot dead. A young boy was at the home when the officers arrived, but no other details given by police. They’re working to learn more about a motive for the shooting.

Alabama Pharmacists Get Small Prison Terms For Killing Nine People

Two Alabama pharmacists are going to prison for selling tainted drugs that killed nine people.

60-year-old David Allen of McCalla has been sentenced to 12 months in prison and 48-year-old William Timothy Rogers of Hoover gets 10 months behind bars. The two ran one of those compounding pharmacies where certain drugs are actually mixed from scratch. They made an intravenous drug that was put together in a dirty facility and contaminated with bacteria that infected and killed the patients

Man And Woman Charged With Killing Young Zaxby's Worker

Arrests in the murder of that 23 year old Boaz man — who didn’t show-up for work at Zaxby’s.

Wesley Clifton’s body found this week. Now a man and woman are charged with killing him.

25-year-old Kenneth Tyler Parker of Boaz and 20-year-old Amber Nicole McCoy of Albertville arrested. And there could be more arrests. The body was found buried near Parker’s home. No word on why Clifton was murdered

Body Found Thought To Be Missing Zaxby's Employee

A body was found yesterday in a shallow grave on Black Bottom Road in Etowah County. Investigators believe it’s 23 year old Wesley Adam Clifton who’s been missing a week. Two people are custody in the case. Their names not given. Clifton’s car was also found in a wooded area. The body was found after investigators got a tip. Clifton’s family had not seen him since he left his home last Tuesday. He was at work at Zaxby’s of Boaz last Wednesday, but he did not show up for work the next two days

Decatur Woman Says She Killed Husband In Self Defense

In Decatur, a woman says she shot and killed her husband in self defense. The couple was in the process of getting a divorce. Police called to their home about 4:30 in the morning and Vanessa Leffers met officers in the driveway — her husband shot dead in a bedroom. No charges at this point. The prosecutor will present the case to a grand jury to decide whether to press charges.

Etowah County Seeks Missing 23 Year Old

The Etowah County Sheriff’s Office needs help finding a missing person. 23 year old Wesley Adam Clifton was reported missing on Saturday by family…last seen leaving home on Perry Works road a week ago today. Wesley did not show up for work at Zaxby’s in Boaz last Wednesday and Thursday. He’s white male, 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs approximately 130 pounds with hazel eyes and brown hair. He is driving a 1995, red Honda Accord. The vehicle’s license plate is 8993AL3 — anyone who knows anything — asked to call the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office

Former Astronaut Charged With Murder

He flew five missions on the space shuttle — now a former astronaut is charged with murder for causing a car wreck in Tuscaloosa. Two people injured in a wreck still in the hospital in Tuscaloosa. State troopers say 59-year-old James Halsell Jr. of Huntsville was arrested after the wreck — that killed two girls ages 11 and 13. Investigators said the retired Air Force Col. smelled like alcohol and he was not steady on his feet plus he slurred his words just after the wreck in the middle of the night on Monday.

Former Marine Killed, Thinking He Was Being Attacked

His mother says that her son thought he was under attack. That’s why he ran into traffic on Interstate 20 last week and was killed.

27-year-old Samuel Wayton of Bessemer, Alabama was a former Marine. His mother says he had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after being hurt by a roadside bomb when he served overseas. It caused traumatic brain injury and PTSD.

Police Shootout In Eufala, Man Killed, Others Wounded

In Eufala, police shot and killed a man who went on a shooting spree and wounded three people including a 2 year old.

35-year-old Demarco Rhymes was shot to death after trading shots with police early Saturday morning. Police say Rhymes shot a 2-year-old in the leg at Level Acres Mobile Home Park. Then, he left the mobile park and shot a 42-year-old woman and a 39-year-old man. Some kind of domestic problem.

Eufaula police officers encountered Rhymes near Zion Church and he started shooting at them. He took off in a car — then on foot — shooting at officers along the way — and police gunfire finally hit and killed him. The little boy who was shot is in the hospital in Birmingham. The wounded man and woman are critical.

Police Chief Steve Watkins says the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave, standard procedure duing the investigation

Ten Thousand Around Decatur Told: Don't Drink The Water

Ten thousand people around Decatur told not to drink their water. It could have dangerous levels of two chemicals in
it, according to the West Morgan-East Lawrence Water and Sewer Authority. They’re blaming 3M and two other companies that used to use the two chemicals. The water system is suing 3M — but 3M is defiant — saying there’s no proof the chemicals hurt anyone. Customers being told not to cook with the water and to not drink it. A temporary solution: a carbon filtering system. The cost will be $4 million and could take three months. And it means customers will pay more for their water.

Following The Money At The Hubbard Trial

At the trial of House speaker Mike Hubbard — prosecutors still trying to prove that Hubbard took money in violation of state ethics laws. On the stand yesterday, Will Brooke. He testified that he gave Hubbard $150,000 for stock in Hubbard’s business. Hubbard needed the money to pay his printing company’s debts. But the prosecutor says the deal was illegal because Brook is with a group that lobbies state lawmakers trying to get them to pass laws favorable to businesses. Govenor Bentley also testified briefly. The governor said that he thought Hubbard was acting as house speaker when they met to discuss various economic projects. Hubbard, however, was working as a consultant for one group — that he talked with the governor about — to the tune of about $12,000 a month.

Worries About Measles Spread By Immigrants In Alabama

Been vaccinated for measles? State Health Department concerned because they have learned about five people exposed to measles at an immigration center in Arizona. And now the five are in Alabama. They know where four of them are — they’re looking for the 5th. They will be vaccinated and monitored for measles for 42 days. So far, they show no signs of measles.

Huntsville Man Indicted For Forging His Name On Checks

Huntsville man charged with turning stolen business checks into cash. The Feds indicted 28 year old Bernard McKinney. He’s accused of counterfeiting the stolen checks — and changing the name of the person being paid — to his name — then cashing the checks. He got more than $50,000 with the stunt according to prosecutors. McKinney could do a long stretch in prison if he’s found guilty.

Father Charged With Shooting His Baby Daughter

In Huntsville, a baby girl shot to death and her father is charged with pulling the trigger. 34 year old Lionel Francis arrested Friday night. Police say he shot the girl after an argument in the home. He was charged with capital murder after the child died at the hospital.

Teen Killed Crashing His Truck Into Special Needs Bus

Fatal wreck in Etowah county involving a pick-up and a mini bus carrying special needs kids. It happened on Alabama Highway 132 near Warrior Road. The driver of the pick-up died, he’s 16-year-old Trenton Blake Gibbs of Altoona. One adult on the minbus flown to the hospital — there were two kids on the mini-bus and another adult, and they were all taken to the hospital.

Alabama Suing The Feds Over Transgender Bathroom Use At School

Alabama is joining a court fight over school kids and bathrooms. Alabama and 10 other states are suing the Obama administration over transgender students. The Obama education department has told schools
nationwide — that boys who dress as girls, should be allowed to use girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms at school. And if it’s not allowed, federal money could be taken away. So the states are suing to stop the federal requirement.

Governor Wants To Jam Prison Cell Phones

Governor Bentley and nine other governors want to use jamming devices to block prisoners from using cellphones. The phones are not allowed behind bars — but plenty of them are get smuggled into prisons where inmates use them to order crimes to be committed or make calls to intimidate people. Bentley and the other governor’s asking the FCC to allow the use of jamming technology in prisons to block cellphone signals.

Gadsden Has New Police Chief

New police chief in Gadsden, and he’s a familiar face. Capt Lamar Jaggears — who’s been a cop in Gadsden 25 years — will run the dept. He was selected Monday by the Gadsden Civil Service Board. He was one of four candidates from inside the department. Jaggears will replace John Crane who’s retiring. Jaggears grew up in East Gadsden went to Litchfield High School. In addition to Jagears, the board considered Capt. Paul Cody, Lt. Wayne Keener and Lt. Michael Moon

Fifth Grader Accidentally Shot To Death

A 10 year old boy accidentally shot to death in Marshall county Happened Friday on Welcome Home Church Road. Investigators are not saying yet who the boy is or how it happened, but apparently the boy some shot himself since there’s been no immediate indication that anyone else was involved. The boy was a fifth-grade student at Douglas Elementary School

Accused Drunk Driver Kills Three In Huntsville

Huntsville police say a drunk driver in the wrong lane of I-565 killed three people early Thursday. The driver plowed into an SUV killing all three inside — a young mother, her 3 year old son and another man who was 21. They arrested 22-year-old Carai Cortez — charging him with three counts of murder plus drunk driving and driving on the wrong side of the road. His injuries were not serious.