Etowah County receiving federal funding for food and shelter

Etowah County stands to receive nearly $40,000 to supplement emergency food and shelter programs.

The United Way has set a local board that includes people from local government and social services.

This board decides how to split the money among programs that organizations in the area run. It recommends the agenices receiving money and any other funding under this phase of the program.

Juror questioning ends in advance of Garrard trial

Juror questioning has concluded in the Joyce Garrard capital murder case.

Jurors report back tomorrow, and an Etowah County judge hopes to seat a jury at that time.

The trial may start Monday.

Authorities have accused Garrard of killing her nine-year-old granddaughter three years ago by making her run for hours.

They see this as punishment for the girl lying about eating candy.

Winter weather wreaking havoc

We have to deal with a significant winter storm.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, Morgan, Marshall, Jackson, DeKalb, and Cullman counties until 3 o’clock today.

Also until then, we have a freezing rain advisory for Etowah, Calhoun, Cherokee, Pickens, Tuscaloosa, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, Sumter, Greene, Hale, and Bibb counties.

Expect wintry precipitation to spread southeast across the area today.

Temperatures may remain below freezing for an extended period of time, which would create a high likelihood of a quarter-inch of ice accumulating on the roads. Sleet may total a half-inch. This may cause hazardous traveling conditions.

Search continues for alleged wallet thief

The search continues for the woman who allegedly stole a wallet from Mountain Top Grocery in Altoona.

The sheriff says a woman went into the store on Friday morning, paid for what she wanted, and accidentally left her wallet on the counter when she left the store.

That wallet held a significant amount of money she received from her income tax refund.

The sheriff says the next customer paid for what she wanted and left, but the clerk noticed the wallet on the counter and mistakenly thought it belonged to this second woman.

He stopped her vehicle outside the store and gave it to her.

The first woman returned to the store to learn all this.

If this second woman mistakenly took the wallet, then she can return it to the sheriff’s office.

Prime Healthcare acquires Riverview

Prime Healthcare Services has acquired Riverview Regional Medical Center and its outpatient services.

The deal means Prime Healthcare invests $15 million over three years into Riverview to fund equipment, develop new services, and recruit doctors.

Thomas Roddy takes over as CEO of Riverview Regional. During his time as COO, U.S. News and World Report placed it second in Alabama in its Best Hospital Rankings.

"Meth and Music" in Albertville later this month

A sign outside an Albertville church may leave you with the idea of illegal behavior.

The Martling Methodist Church calls an event later this month “Meth and Music.”

Church leaders claim this program calls attention to a problem, and they plan on discussing how to solve it.

Pastor Jim Elliott tells WAFF-TV that the church hopes this gives people the chance to focus on the problem of meth use and how it can destroy lives and families.

Elliott also says law enforcement and prosecutors have received an invitation to all this. In fact, he says anyone can come.

“Meth and Music” happens Mar. 21 from 3 to 6 at the church.

Trial begins today for man accused of murdering Wayne Mills

Opening statements take place this morning in Tennessee for the case against the man accused of killing Wayne Mills.

Authorities have charged Chris Ferrell with murder.

They believe he shot Mills in late 2013.

Ferrell calls it self-defense, and he has pleaded not guilty.

Mills was born in Arab. During his time as a country musician, he played alongside Blake Shelton, Jamey Johnson, and Taylor Hicks.

Man dies in Ft. Payne trailer accident

The investigation continues into Friday’s accident that killed a man in DeKalb County.

WAFF-TV reports 56-year-old Thomas Keith of Trenton, Ga. died after a trailer fell on top of him in Fort Payne.

The truck’s driver pulled away as he noticed the trailer did not have a proper hook-up. It started turning over.

When the driver got out of the truck, he saw Keith under the trailer and called 911.

Mansions Cheapest in Birmingham

A real estate web site says a survey shows if you are a millionaire, you can live large better in Birmingham than anywhere else. The typical million-dollar home in Birmingham is more than eight-thousand square feet. “Trulia” says that’s bigger than a million dollar home anywhere else in the country. The real estate website said in New York City, one-million dollars will only get you about 15-hundred square feet.

Obamacare Reduces Uninsured in Alabama

The number of adults in Alabama without health insurance is declining. Gallup says in 2013, the year before Obamacare took effect, 17-point-seven-percent of Alabamians were uninsured. In 2014, that dropped to 14-point-five-percent, a decline of more than three-percent. Of the eleven states with the greatest reductions, ten expanded Medicaid, a move that’s run into strong opposition in Alabama.

Wine Fest Coming to Guntersville

Thoughts of summer on a winter’s day. Guntersville will be having a wine festival this summer. The event will be called City Harbor Crush and will include more than 150 wine labels and food trucks. It is part of the creation of the downtown entertainment district.

Wine Fest Coming to

Thoughts of summer on a winter’s day. Guntersville will be having a wine festival this summer. The event will be called City Harbor Crush and will include more than 150 wine labels and food trucks. It is part of the creation of the downtown entertainment district.

Arrests for Child Endangering

Two Gadsden men are being held without bond after a little girl was found alone in a room with loaded guns and drugs. Nicholas Wade Ingram and Josh Paul Pettis were taken to the Etowah County Detention Center. Police had responded to a call of a possible burglary at an apartment complex when the smell of marijuana took them to the unit where the men were staying. Authorities say when they found the girl Sunday afternoon, she had not eaten all day.

Christian Defense Coalition Joins Justice Moore in Marriage Fight

Chief Justice Roy Moore’s stance against same-sex marriage is being joined by the Christian Defense Coalition. This is the same group that stood with Moore as he placed a monument to the Ten Commandments on state property in 2003. Yesterday, the Reverend Patrick Mahoney accused a federal judge of judicial overreach when she struck down the state’s same-sex marriage ban.

Bush, Obama, Partner in Selma

Former President Georgia W. Bush is going to join President Obama for the 50th anniversary of the Selma march. The “Montgomery Advertiser” says they’ll share the stage on Bloody Sunday, March 7th. At least 95 members of the U.S. Congress will also take part in the event. It was 50 years ago when police attacked a group of marchers who were trying to walk from Selma to Montgomery.

Thursday Weather Headlines

As of 10pm last night Marshall County reported upwards of 9 inches with roads impassable and one lane going up and down the hill on 431. Most roads in this part of northern Alabama are reported impassable.

The skies should begin to clear up around lunch time with temperatures climbing into the 40s in central Alabama. It’ll remain cold tonight and tomorrow night but things should start to warm up by Saturday. There will be a chance of rain on Sunday.

No school in Albertville today. Same with most others.

With the winter storm passing across northern Alabama the Department of Transportation activated the Emergency Call Center. The Department provides road condition info on state, US and interstate roadways at 888-588-2848. And the same info is at .

Car Burglar at Large

In Gadsden a witness told police he saw a man running down Park Avenue carrying a bag and that the man dropped a cell phone. The witness says he hollered to tell the man he’d dropped his phone, but the man kept running, which is when he figured the phone didn’t belong to him. Police following up discovered two cars had been broken into on Garden Street. The thief is at large.

Etowah County Jury Selection Called on Account of Snow

In the murder trial of Joyce Hardin Garrard in Etowah County, 40 prospective jurors who had been ordered to report as part of the jury selection today got a snow day and should report on Monday instead, because asking them to drive might put them in harms way.

Snow on the Way Again

Here we go again. Many school cancellations ahead of a winter storm. A storm alert is posted for much of North Alabama with the snow could be heavy, falling 1 to 2 inches an hour. The areas between Interstates 59 and 20, along the US Highway 278 corridor in Etowah and Blount counties could get socked the hardest. Albertville City Schools are closed again today. So are schools in Attala City, Boaz City, Guntersville City and Marshall County. Etowah County and Gadsden City, closed, too, as well as Gadsden State Community College.

Etowah Copunty Commissioner Dies

An Etowah County Commissioner died on Saturday. District 2 Commissioner Kenney Tidmore died at a hospital in Birmingham after a short illness. He was elected in 2012 and served two years of his 4 year term. The Governor will appoint a replacement.