Senator Jones Wants Tighter Gun Laws

Alabama Senator Doug Jones says Congress must address gun violence. In his first speech to the Senate, he the U.S. has reached a tipping point on gun violence after the mass shooting at a Florida high school and he cited the activism led by surviving students as a reason to take some action. He urged congress to pass expanded background checks for gun buyers.

Cops Called For False Alarm About Man With Gun

False alarm. Boaz Police called to a lawyer’s office Tuesday — the Alan Jackson law firm — reportedly because a guy had a gun and was holding a child. Not true. The guy was with the child meeting with a lawyer in a divorce case. Not clear if the call came from the man’s wife. But police said everything at the office was safe and sound.

State Lawmaker Wants Etowah Sheriff To Stop Pocketing Jail Food Money

A bill tp stop the Etowah County sheriff from putting money in his pocket from feeding prisoners, will be introduced by Republican Mack Butler. The bill would require the sheriff to use any left over food money at the jail, to either keep being used for food or for other law enforcement purposes. Etowah’s sheriff got national attention by pocketing more than $700-thousand from the jail food service. It’s legal — because Alabama law says the sheriff has a personal responsibility to feed inmates — and if state money isn’t enought, the sheriff makes it up out of his pocket. If there’s surplus cash, he keeps it — and Sheriff Todd Entrekin bought a fancy beach house with the money he made.

Rough Weather Worries Cause Some Schools To Close Early Monday

Looking for nasty weather Monday — so some school systems have decided to dismiss early as a precuation.
Cullman County Schools will dismiss at noon. Huntsville City Schools will udismiss students starting as early as 11 for pre-K — others at 11:30 and noon with the high schools getting out at 12:30. Could be in for Large hail , damaging winds, and a few tornadoes in some areas. Keep it here, we’ll keep you posted on the weather.

Disgruntled Worker Blamed For Birmingham Hospital Shooting

That shooting Wednesday night at UAB Highlands was the work of a disgruntled worker. Police say the gunman, whose name was not given, shot and killed 63 year Nancy Swift a nursing manager. Another man — who works for a contractor at the hospital – was wounded. The gunman killed himself.

Gunman Shoots Two, Then Himself At UAB Hospital

A gunman walked into UAB Hospital Highlands in Birmingham Wednesday night and shot two people — then killed himself. One of the wounded is critical. Police trying to sort out if the shooter knew the victims — so not many details immediately given. All surgeries that were scheduled for Thursday at UAB Highlands Hospital are cancelled. All other UAB campuses will operate normally.

More Sex Charges Against Cullman Lawyer

A Cullman lawyer facing more charges of human trafficking. 75 year old Randy Hames had additional charges filed after his first arrest last month. Hames is accused of asking two women for sex instead of making rent payments to him. Not clear if the additional charges are connected to the same women.

School Threat Fort Payne High

An 18 year old who went to Fort Payne High School arrested — accused of posting a threat on Snapchat. Other kids saw it, and turned him in. Tomas Jacinto Tomas arrested, locked-up on $10,000 bond. No word on why he posted the threat and if he had intentions to do anything.

School Shooting No Longer Called An Accident

Police in Birmingham changed their mind about a deadly school shooting — at first calling it an accident — now calling it murder. A 17 year old girl at Huffman High was shot to death. The accused shooter apparently wounded himself. Still not much detail given and the name of the shooter not yet given. The shooting was captured on video, so after looking at the evidence, police knew it was no accident.

Alabama School Shooting May Have Been Accident

School shooting at Huffman High School in Birmingham. A 17 year girl killed and a 17 year old boy wounded. Police are saying the shooting could have been accidental — but few details have been forthcoming. The shots rang out just before 3pm as school was wrapping up for the day. quotes sources who said a male student was “showing off” his gun when it discharged, striking the female student. He then accidentally shot himself as he was putting the gun away, according to sources. Police officials did not confirm that account, or any of the other stories making the rounds.

Beefing Up School Security

After that Florida school-shooting, Gov. Ivey is creating a school safety council to make recommendations on beefing up security. She said the group will make sure schools have a security plan and that students and teachers are trained on how to respond if there’s a shooter. The state school superintedant says there is $41 million dollars that could be divided among school systems to buy technology such as auto-lcoking doors and security cameras.

Lawyer Trying To Stop Second Execution Attempt

What to do about executing Doyle Lee Hamm. His execution last month had to be stopped because his veins are so bad they couldn’t connect an IV to give him the death drugs. His veins were damaged from drug abuse and from lypmphoma. Another execution attempt planned, but his lawyer asking the court to stop it — saying it would be cruel and unusual punishment to put him through that pain again.

Ivey Ready To Debate

Gov Ivey says she will debate her Republican opponents before the June primary. Her spokesman says Ivey is happy to discuss her record. Huntsville mayor Tommy Battle, one of her challengers, criticized Ivey for missing a candidate forum, but Ivey is apparently ready for a debate, though no plans have been made at this point.

Sheriff Says Drug Bust Legit, Not Retaliation

The Etowah county sheriff says his officers did not arrest a guy on a drug charge — just because he complained about the sheriff. Matthew Qualls told that he was paid to mow the sheriff’s grass and paid out of the food account that’s used to feed prisoners. Sheriff Todd Entreken not happy with the report, said using the funds not improper and insisted that Qualls was not arrested for complaining to

Thieves Caught In The Act In Boaz

Two guys are charged with trying to steal stuff from vehicles in Boaz. Police got a call late Tuesday night saying two guyes were brekaing into tool boxes on pick-ups at Walmart. Officers arrived quickly. They nabbed 42 year old Leonard Weaver of Rainsville and 47 year old Jim Alexander of Albertville. Both locked up in the Boaz jail.

Bills Proposed To Go Easier On Pot Possession

Easing-up on pot possession. Two bills introduced in the Alabama legislature would do that. The idea is to stop locking-up people who have small amounts of week. The bills say that if a person is caught with less than an ounce of pot – they would get a ticket and a fine. Not jail time.

School Threats Checked Out By Etowah Deputies

School threats. The Etowah County Sheriff’s office investigated a reported threat made by a student at Hokes Bluff High School. But after searching the student’s locker, going to his house and talking to other students, they determined there was nothing to it. And they also were looking into a phone threat called into Walgreen’s threatening that something may happen at the Hoke’s Bluff prom.

Bill Would Allow Guns In Alabama Schools

Guns in Alabama Schools. State Rep. Will Ainsworth of Guntersville — who’s running for Lt. Governor — says guns are need to protect kids. So he’ll introduce a bill to let some school staff members carry guns. This comes after that massacre at a Florida high school last week. Ainsworth said that a coach at the Florida school used his body as a shield and that he was also in charge of school security, but ouldn’t do anything. A similar bill has come up in Alabama before, but it did not pass.

Ivey Kicks Off Campaign For Governor

Kay Ivey likes being the governor, she kicked off her campaign Tuesday. Ivey was the Lieutenant Governor and got the top job when Robert Bentley was forced to resign after a sex scandal. Ivey says she’s tried to bring a steady hand after the scandal. Plenty of Republicans and Democrats lining up to run against her. On the GOP side, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, and state Sen. Bill Hightower are part of the June 5 Republican primary. Democrats running include Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox and former Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb

Looking For Swastika Vandals In Huntsville

Somebody drew swastikas at Morton Hall at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. No arrests yet. Police say some graffi was also written in a men’s room. The school’s president said whoever did it is aware that their symbols of hate and ignorance are not shared by those at the school.