Some Travel May Be Treacherous With The Snowy Weather

The Governor declared a state of emergency with the snowy forecast, and Alabama DOT says their crews are working diligently to keep interstates and other major highways passable until conditions improve. The state web for updated road info is

Health Emergency Because Of Flu In Alabama

The governor has declared a public health emergency because so many people have the flu. Hospitals and ER’s are running out of bed space because so many people have the virus. UAB Hospital needs more beds for flu patients — so they’re rescheduling some surgeries to make room.

Newspaper Exec Resigns; Accused Of Spanking Young Women

A well-known Alabama newspaper man is resigning over accusations of bizarre behavior. H. Brandt Ayers, chairman of the company that owns the Anniston Star, is stepping down because of reports that back in the 70’s, he gave spankings to female reporters. In some cases, leaving marks. Ayers has not denied the accusations. His wife will take over as chairman of the board. Ayers issued a statement saying,”As a very young man with more authority than judgment, I did some things I regret.”

Former Albertville Mayor Dies

A former mayor of Albertville has died. Larry Van Hillsman died Sunday from cancer. He was 69. Hillsman was elected three times, first in 1992, then 1996 and in 2000. City employees and current council members spoke highly of him, calling him a man of God who loved the city and served it well. He was a member of Southside Baptist in Albertville.

Search Is On For Boaz Bathroom Bandit

The surveillance picture shows a white guy in a tobaggan, pointing a gun at a clerk at the Shell Station on highway 431 in Boaz. The robbery happened Friday night. The bandit came in, used the bathroom, then came to the counter with two bags of Cheetos. He pulled the gun, told the clerk he’d kill her if she did not open the register. She did. The guy got money and drove off in a red Dodge truck. Police have gotten tips on who the gunman may be. They hope to get him locked-up soon.

Huntsville Police Looking For New Year's Gunmen

Four people were shot just minutes after the new year began in Huntsville. More than one gunman began squeezing off shots outside the Palladium Event Center. Two of the victims may not survive, while the injuries suffered by the other two are not life-threatening. No details on exactly what happened, and no arrests. Police said they could use tips to solve the case.

Fatal Wreck DeKalb County

A DeKalb County man was killed in a wreck early Friday morning. 20 year old Colby Brooks of Crossville died when he ran off the road in his pick-up and hit a tree. It happened just before four o’clock in the morning on DeKalb county road 26. Brooks was not wearing a seat belt according to officers.

Moore Wants Money As He Continues To Fight

Roy Moore IS asking for money so that he can try to prove the election was rigged. Moore refuses to admit defeat in the Senate race. Now he’s asking for donations to help investigate what he claims are fraud and irregularities. This comes after Alabama’s secretary of state said that he was dismissing one complaint about voter fraud saying nothing improper was discovered. But Moore apparently thinks he was cheated. He said he needs money to pay for “gas for staff and volunteers to travel across the state” and investigate reports of fraud”

Military Votes Won't Help Moore

Roy Moore still not giving-up and conceding that he lost the Senate race to Doug Jones. Moore has said wait until miliatry votes are counted. But the AP reports, there won’t be enough of those votes tomake-up Moore’s 20,000-vote loss.

Officer Charged With Assaulting Wife

A Hoover police officer is out of jail after being arrested for domestic violence. 47-year-old Timothy Pugh and his wife argued at a party Sunday in Birmingham — no other details about what happened were released. Pugh was arrested about 3:40 in the morning on a misdemeanor domestic assault charge.

Trump Tweets About Moore's Loss

President Trump says he knew Republicans Roy Moore and Ed Gillespie would lose their elections, but that the GOP will “do well in 2018.” In an early morning tweet, Trump wrote: “I said Gillespie and Moore would lose (for very different reasons), and they did. I also predicted ‘I’ would win. Republicans will do well in 2018, very well!” Trump first endorsed Luther Strange for Alabama’s Senate seat. Republican Ed Gillespie was defeated in the Virginia governor’s race this fall.

White House Urges Moore To Concede

The White House says it’s past time for Roy Moore to hang it up and admit defeat. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that President Donald Trump has already called Democrat Doug Jones to congratulate him on his victory and to express a willingness to work with him in Washington.

Moore Still Not Conceding

Newly elected Doug Jones Democrat Doug Jones told a news conference that he hopes Republican Roy Moore will “do the right thing” and concede the U.S. Senate race — so far Moore says says that he’s waiting on military ballots to be counted which are not expected to change the outcome. Jones said yesterday that “it’s time to heal.” Meantime, Republicans and Democrats credit Senator Richard Shelby for Jone’s upset. Shelby a Republican came out against Moore saying that Alabama deserves better.

Jones Wins In Upset

Roy Moore was defeated in the Alabama Senate race. For the first time in more than 20 years, Alabama will have a Democrat in the Senate. Doug Jones won by roughly 10,000 votes. It means the Republicans now have only a one vote margin over democrats in the Senate — making it tougher for President Trump to get some of his programs past. Moore has been very popular in Alabama — but his undoing came as he was accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls when he was in his 30’s. Charges he denied. So, Doug Moore wins the race to take the senate seat for two years.

Shots Fired At Albertville Officers

Somebody shot at two Albertville officers in the middle of the night Thursday. They were not hit. The officers got a call to Kilpatrick Mobile Home park that reported shots had been fired. They saw some guys standing in the mobile home park and as officers walked up, one guy fired. The officers fired at the shooter — but no one was hit. They have a person of interest, and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation is handling the case.

Albertville Road Rage Shooting Stumps Police

Albertville police need some tips to solve a road rage episode from last Friday evening. Somebody in a white SUV opened fire on a car. It happened on highway 431. The victim acknowledged cutting off the SUV by accident, rolled down the window to aplogize, but the apology was not accepted. Somebody in the SUV started shooting. Police don’t have a tag number or a description of the shooter.

Crooks After Your Money In DeKalb County

Christmas crooks. DeKalb county sheriff says be careful — scammers out there. Somebody got a call saying they won the Publishers Clearinghouse and somebody was coming by. A man and woman showed up asking for $2,000 as a fee to get the winnings. Sherrif says, THINK. Contests don’t take money they give prizes. If anything sounds to good to be true — it is.

Drug Bust Outside Boaz Court

Not a good idea to go to court with drugs in your car. Albertville woman went to court in Boaz…cops got a tip, she might have drugs. So, the drug dog sniffed outside her car, sure enough he smelled plenty. Meth and pot and pills. 43 year ol Christi Peppers arrested.

If you have a non-profit that wants to use Albertville schools — it will cost you more. New policy approved by the school board, including a requirement for a million dollar liability insurance policy. Rental fee for the Albertville High Gym — $1,000/day.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is singing a new song about Roy Moore. Instead of urging Moore to drop out of the race over accusations of sexual misconduct, McConnell now says — it’s up to Alabama voter. But, McConnell said, if Moore’s elected, he could be investigated by the Senate ethics committee.

Making money on college football in Alabama. Alot of people are apparently renting rooms or their entire homes — on Air BnB to people who come to games at Alabama and Auburn. Earning more than 1.1 million in the past two football seasons according to number crunching by

A drug store filling prescriptions and selling health insurance. It’s coming. Drug-chain CVS will buy Aetna insurance — a $69 billion deal that will help the drugstore chain get more involved in health care — more than just selling prescriptions.criptions.

State Lawmaker Wants Your Input At Public Meeting

Are there issues you think state lawmakers should address? A public meeting set for week after next in Scottsboro. Republican State Rep. Randall Shed of Cullman will have members of his Committee on Urban and Rural Development on hand for an open session to hear from the public at 10 a.m. on the 14th at the Jackson County Council on Aging office

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