New Top Cop In Glencoe

Glencoe has a new police chief. Alan Kelly was hired and sworn in Tuesday evening. He’s been with the Talladaga police department for about 15 years — in many roles from running the SWAT team to training co-ordinator and public information officer.

Ivey Names Finance Chief

Governor Ivey has named Kelly Butler as acting finance director. Butler replaces Finance Director Clinton Carter, who is leaving to take a job as a senior vice president for finance at the University of North Carolina System.

Escapees From Guntersville Caught Quickly

In Guntersville, five prisoners escaped through the jail’s ventillation system early Tuesday morning. But, they’re all back in custody. The escape caused city schools to lockdown. The sheriff said they figured out how the guys escaped and they will fix the problem in the ventillation system, though he did not say what the problem was that allowed the escape. Two of the five prisoners had previously escaped from jail.

Playing "Dixie" Banned At Arab Ball Games

No more playing Dixie at football games in Arab. The superintendent of Arab city schools is getting rid of the song. John Mullins says he made the decision because he says Dixie has negative connotations that conflicts with the system’s core values including unity. The Arab High School Band has played “Dixie” after decades when a touchdown is scored. Students and staff at the school will vote on a new fight song after this football season.

"Kiss My A_ _"--- Woman Shouts Down Senator Doug Jones

Rowdy town hall meeting. Sen. Doug Jones got an ear full Monday night from a woman who was upset that he may vote for the President’s nominee for the Supreme court. The woman threw a pair of stuffed lips at Jones and said, “if you vote yes — you can kiss my a__.” She shouted it several times, then the woman was shown the door by Birmingham police.

Gadsden Candidate Forum This Week

You can hear from candidates this week who are running for mayor and city council in Gadsden. A political forum is coming up on Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Gadsden City High School auditorium. If you’re planning to go — the chamber of commerce would like an RSVP on their website.

Two Members Of Accused Drug Dealing Family Going To Prison

Life in prison for dealing drugs. 37 year old Jeff Beam was sentenced by a federal judge. He is said to be a major player in dealing meth. The head of Etowah county’s drug enforcement program says he’s been dealing with the Beam family in the drug trade for years. Jeff Beam’s sister is also going to prison — 41 year old Jamie Leann Beam got 14 years.

New Video: Maddox Attacks Ivey Over Debates

Democrat candidate for governor Walt Maddox is still pushing the idea of debating Governor Ivey, but she’s giving him the cold shoulder. Maddox has now launched a video series on social media all about Ivey’s refusal to debate. The first video shows an empty debate podium with “Kay Ivey” written on it. Ivey’s campaign did not respond. In the past, Ivey said that only Maddox and the media keep asking for a debate.

Anniston Man Charged With Attalla Murder

An Anniston is man accused of opening fire killing a woman and wounding another man. It happened just after midnight on Clanton Street in Attalla. A short time later, the suspect was arrested by Gasden police during a traffic stop. He’s identified as 23 year old Khalil Smith. The shots were fired after a fight at the residence. The woman who died — 22 year old Cheyenne Humprhies of Atalla.

Preparing For A School Shooter In Rainbow City

Pencils, paper, books, and now a new type of school supply: a kit to stop bleeding, just in case there’s a school-shooter. The Rainbow City fire dept handed out kits to some schools this week, and they will teach the teachers how to use them. The department got a $4,000 grant to help pay for the bleeding control kits

Bentley Says He'd Like To Serve In Office Again

Former Governor Bentley says — maybe — he might consider running for office, perhaps the Senate. He made the comment to a political website. But Bentley has a plea deal that says he won’t seek public office. Part of the agreement he made when he was involved in a sex scandal and pleaded guilty to misusing campaign money.

New Hubby Is A Hero After Wedding Rescue

You may kiss the bride — oh, and rescue a swimmer.

That’s what happened last week at Orange Beach. Moments after saying “I do” at a beach wedding — somebody said that a guy was in trouble in the surf. So, newly married Zac Edwards — who has been a life guard and was in the coast guard — charged into the surf. Edwards got to the person, but then he had a hard time making it back to shore. So rescue workers arrive and got them both out of the water. Then — time for the honeymoon.

Gadsden Candidates Have No Luck Getting On The Ballot

They’re not going to be on the ballot: a judge ruled that three candidates in Gadsden city elections cannot be on the ballot later this month. They had been disqualified for not filing financial statements on time. They appealed, but the judge decided that rules are rules. So Katherine Hood, Warren Dates and Michael Shell cannot be on the ballot

Russians Try To Hack Alabama Candidate

Russians in Alabama politics. Tabitha Isner says it happened. She’s the Democratic candidate in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District, and she says that Russian hackers made more than a thousand attempts to break into her campaign website last month. Isner says at least 1,400 attempts to break into the website. Most came from people who had accounts with Russian internet companies.

Albertville Police Need Help To Catch Thieves

Police in Albertville out with security camera footage of two guys who broke into a business last month. Happened on July 19th, and you can see the video it’s on the department’s face book page. Police hope somebody can tell them who the thieves are. The two white guys in ball caps are easily recognizable. In one instance, one of the guys takes off his ball cap, wipes his bald head, and grins…oblivious to the camera.

Teachers Get Lesson In How To Stop Bleeding

Something new for teachers to learn: how to stop bleeding if there’s a school shooting. Teachers at Gadsden City High School got a lesson on Friday on how to apply tourniquets. They practiced on a mannequin. The idea, of course, if students are wounded — trying to save their life.

Will Work For Medicaid: State May Tighten Rules

The state of Alabama is asking for public comments on a new Medicaid requirement: the idea of making people on Medicaid — work for their benefits. The proposal would require 35 hours of work, job training, education or volunteer service each week. Kentucky has tried the same thing — but a federal judge put a stop to the work-requirement for now.

Teacher Will Challenge Law Banning Sex With Students

In Florence, a former substitute teacher — a woman — is charged with having sex with a student. Twenty-four-year-old Kayla Safford was arrested Wednesday. Police say she had a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student at Florence High School. Safford and her attorney deny she did anything wrong. 18 year olds can legally have sex — the issue is — she’s a teacher. But, Safford’s attorney will challenge Alabama’s teacher-student sex law. It was ruled unconstitutional by one county judge but the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals reversed that decision.

Radioactive Shipments Through Alabama

Some radioactive waste will pass through Alabama — on I-59 in the next few months — on it’s way to New Mexico. It’s low level radioactive material from SC and Tennessee — shipped in big white cylinders that you may see on trucks. The waste will buried 2,000 feet underground — in salt mines with salt deposits growing over the barrels.

Trial To Proceed For Officer Accused Of Murder

A judge has said “no” to several requests from a police officer charged with murder for shooting an unarmed black man in Montgomery. The judge denied a request for a new judge, a new prosecutor and a new trial location in the case of officer Aaron Smith. He goes on trial later this month