Marshall County Teen Killed In Wreck

A car wreck killed a 16 year old girl just before noon Saturday in Marshall County. The girl’s name not given right away — troopers say she was in a Chevy Cobalt, ran off the road, hit a fence and flipped over, and she was not wearing a seat belt. The wreck happened on Hulaco road just south of Arab. .

Tire Dealer Busted As Drug Dealer

He supposedly sold used tires. But cops say the tire guy was a drug dealer. Officers raided ROF Used Tires in Huntsville, they found, meth, cocaine and a couple of guns. Drugs worth more than 160,000 dollars. 47 year old Martin Acevedo locked up and more arrests may be coming.

More Impeachment Charges Against Bentley

Going after the governor with more impeachment charges. State Auditor jim zeigler says Governor Bentley lied about former law enforcement chief Spencer Collier. Bentley accused Collier of misusing state money. But now that a grand jury has cleared Collier — Zeigler say he will seek to have another count of wrong-doing added against Bentley for impeachment. A legislative committee already considering impreaching Bentley — for sexual misconduct with a former staff member.

Woman's Body Found In Franklin County

Woman’s body found in a ditch in Franklin county — early Sunday evening. The woman identified as 39 year old April Hamm. She’s last been seen the night before. They have to figure out how she died, she had cuts on her face but was not hit by a carf. SHe still had her wallet with cash and two cell phones. The FBI helping in the investigation. And the sheriff’s dept said they could use some tips.

Roy Moore's Fate To Be Decided Soon

Will he be kicked off the bench. The nine-member board that oversees judges in the state promising a quick decision on the fate of Chief Justice Roy Moore. Moore accused of defying the U.S. Supreme Court by telling local officials not to marry gay couples — even though the U.S. Supreme court legalized homosexual marriage. Moore’s attorney said Moore’s order was simply a status report to clarify that his office had not changed its position on the issue. But the prosecuting attorney said Moore was defying the law.

Budget To Be Approved For Etowah County

Figuring out a budget. Etowah County Commission meets tomorrow to vote on the new budget — and the bad news: the county is short of money and likley will be dipping into savings to make-up a shortage of more than half a million dollars to cover all the spending planned — including a two-and-a-half percent raise for county employees.

Parents Complain About Trump-Themed Football Banner

An upscale Christian school in Birmingham is apologizing for a football banner that players ran through last week. The banner for Briarwood Christian school borrowed Donald Trump’s campaign slogan — it said: “Make America great again – Trump the Tigers.” The team they were playing was the Fairfield Tigers and some parents there got in a snit about the sign, saying they were disrespected

Two Guys Busted For Stealing ATV In Boaz

Two guys arrested for stealing a four wheeler from a home in Boaz. 19 year old Destin Tidwell and 22 John Wiliiams were arrested after a deputy spotted Williams driving the ATV. The sheriff’s office says he admitted that he and Tidwell swiped the vehicle. Tidwell was booked into the Etowah County Detention Center and later got-out on $5,000 bond — Williams is still lockedup on $6,000 bond

Judge Decides Whether Hubbard Gets New Trial

No new trial. Former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard will not get to try again in front of a different jury. He had asked for another trial, saying prosecutors made mistakes. But the judge said no. So now Hubbard, convicted of corruption, will have to appeal his conviction to a higher court. He was sentenced to four years in prison — but he’s not behind bars yet. He’s free on bond during the appeal process.

Huntsville School Superintendant Stepping Down For Romance

Huntsville City School System looking for new superintendant. Casey Wardynski annnounced he’s resigning. The reason: romance. The city system is involved in a contract with Pinnacle Private schools — and Wardynski is dating Pinnacle’s founder. He plans to marry her and says that would be a business conflict if he was still the superintendant — so he’s choosing love over work — and stepping down. The mayor of Huntsville issued a statement saying Wardynski did a good job.

Teen Driver Hits A Camel In The Road

A teenager was injured when he hit an unusual animal crossing the road: a camel. It happened in Sardis City. The animal had to be put down. It was being led across the road at Turk’s Bama Bucks, a wildlife refuge, when it was hit on the dark road. The driver said he was blinded by bright lights from a truck stopped at the gate of the animal facility.

Wreck Kills Etowah Teen

An Etowah County teenager died after a wreck Saturday evening. 19 year old Jacob Anthony Walker of Gadsden, died after his Nissan Altima ran off the side of Old Ford Valley road and flipped several times. Walker was transported to a local hospital where he later died

Two Fatal Wrecks InThe Area This Weekend

Tough week-end on the roads. Fatal wreck just after 7 yesterday morning in Marshall county — just north of Union Grove. 32 year old Tommie Dewayne Pritchett ran off the road and hit a tree. State troopers indicated that alcohol and speed were factors in the wreck, but they’re still investigating.

A fatal motorcycle wreck Satruday afternoon in Decatur on Old Hwy 31. Not sure exactly what happened, but when emergency crews rolled up, they found the man dead, lying beside his Honda Trike. He’s identified as Edward Harwell. Investigation still going.

No BP Money For Road Work

Money from the BP Oil spill will not be used for road work in Alabama. The Senate took road projects out of a bill that outlined how the money would be spent. Lawmakers have been divided over how to use the money — paid by BP to help the state recover from damages suffered during the massive oil spill back in 2010.

Toddler Critical After Dog Attack

Dog attack in DeKalb county. A 4-year-old boy is in critical condition. Happened yesterday morning near Justice Street in Crossville. He was attacked by the family dog — then airlifted unconcious to Birmingham. Dogs have been a problem at the home before, cops have been called in the past. 15 dogs have now been taken from the property, the family charged with operating an unlicensed shelter. Police say the boy was attacked inside the house — an adult was there — but it was a brutal attack with severe bites to the boy’s face. One officer said he wasn’t prepared for what he saw.

Lottery Bill Passes Committee Vote

Lottery watch. A state house committe approves a lottery bill. Now it goes to the full house. The vote did not com in time to get the issue on the ballot for November. So, if the house gives its ok, the governor has said, there could be a special election. Governor Bently wants a big chunk of the gambling money to be used for financing medicare in the state.

Prisoners Break Rules, Broadcast Live From Holman Prison

Somebody is not paying attention to inmates at maximum security Holman prison. WBRG TV found prisoners broadcasting live on Periscope — a social media site — using cell phones smuggled into the prison. It’s against the law for prisoners to even have cell phones. On Periscope, they were pretty open about it — didn’t seem to worry about being caught.

Two Arrested In Decatur Killing

Murder in Decatur, about midnight Sunday.

Two brothers found shot at a home on Danville road. 19 year old Braxton Edwards dead at the scene. His 23 year old brother Cameron rushed to the hospital. Not sure of the motive in the shootings, but two men were arrested and charged with murder and assault. Darrin Samone Wilkes of Huntsville and Terrance Shaquille Ellison of Harvest. They’re locked-up in the Morgan County jail without bond.

Military Vet In Stand-Off, Kills Himself

In Russellville, a veteran said to have mental issues was in a stand off with police. Officers say he set the house on fire and killed himself. Man’s name not given. Happened at Wilson Blvd and Tim Street. The man held his grandfather hostage then let him go. When the house went up in flames, officers went in and found the 28 year old was dead.

Lawmakers and Lottery -- Debate Starts Monday

Alabama lawmakers start a special session Monday and they’ve got gambling on their mind. They will debate whether to go along with the governor and approve a lottery. Of course, if they do, voters would still have to give their approval. The idea faces long odds of getting passed by the legislature