Jail Escapee Caught

Captured. An inmate who escaped from a work release detail. The DeKalb sheriff’s office says 28-year-old Christopher Daniel Jones, of Rainsville, was found on a road in the Sylvania on Wednesday afternoon. He was found about four hours after he walked away from a job he was allowed to work at F.G. Lumber — Jones was previously charged with receiving stolen property and failure to appear in court. New charges are pending.

Teen Girl Killed In Hunting Stand

Hunting accident kills a 15 year old girl near Birmingham. Deputies say the girl and an adult were in a tree stand. They were climbing down….and the adult passed down the rifle, it fired, killing her. Deputies call it a tragic accident. Girl’s name not immediately given.

Republicans Could Kick Moore Out If He Wins Election

Republicans are trying to figure out what to do about the Roy Moore situation. Moore is accused of sexually touching a 14 year old girl years ago. He denies it. But in Washington, alot of Republicans say Moore should quit. Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania said on NBC that the accusations are more believable than Moore’s denial. He says Alabama Republicans should write-in the name Luther Strange. And Toomey indicated that if Moore wins — Republicans might vote to kick him out of the Senate.

Double Murder Solved In Etowah

He did it. A killer comes clearn about a double murder four years ago in Etowah county. Cedric Young pleaded guilty to two counts of murder. He shot and killed Jabari Player and Billey Baker on a bridge in Gadsden. He fired shots from his vehicle — into their the victims’ car — as they traveled on the bridge.

Home Break-In Suspects Arrested

Two Gadsden men arrested, accused of breaking into a home — stealing guns and pain pills. 38 year old Tony Putman, and 35 year old Christopher Whatley were arrested after stolen items were found in the house where the two men were living. Whatley also charged with another break-in in Gadsden, where admitted stealing a laptop and an Xbox.

Green Light For Coosa Landing Improvements

The City of Gadsden approved 12 million dollars for work at Coosa Landing. The city plans a 50,000-square-foot facility with 20,000 of it for retail. Also improved, roads for the river walk and the boat ramp. Not sure when the work will begin

Guilty Verdict In Etowah County Murder

Guilty. That’s the verdict from an Etowah county jury against 27 year oldTyler Parker. He was convicted of killing a man in a romantic dispute. Parker took the stand and told the jury he asked for Wesley Clifton to come to his house to iron our problems over both men being involved with an Albertville worman. Parker cut Clifton’s throat. His lawyers claimed self defense — the jury didn’t buy that.

Gadsden Motel Drug Bust

Man and woman busted at an East Gadsden motel. Police say they were selling a drug that causes hallucinations — even selling the stuff to kids. Some parents tipped police. 40 year old Marcus Coats arrested with 22 year old Kiesha Woods. She was out on bond — accused of trying to kill a woman by stabbing her last year.

Suing Big Drug Companies

Etowah County and the City of Gadsden are suing three companies that ship pain pills to drug stores McKesson Corp., AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal Health. The suit says the three companies violate federal law by failing to report suspicious orders in cities where unreasonable amounts of pain pills are ordered. 60 Minutes reported Sunday that pharmacies in small towns often get millions of pills and the three companies are getting rich from the business. In Etowah county, for every 100 people — there are 155 prescriptions for pain pills.

Moore Owed Money By Charity He Founded

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore had a deal to collect $180,000 a year for a legal charity — he founded. But, the charity didn’t have th emoney to keep paying him, so they gave him a share of the building the group owns in Mobile. The Foundation for Moral law was statred in 2003 to work on religious freedom cases.

Gadsden To Sue Over Pill Abuse

The city of Gadsden is joining in a national lawsuit, suing companies that distribute pain pills to pharmacies and hospitals. The suit accuses the companies of not reporting a spike in sales of pain pills, as required by law. Lawyers who are involved in the case say Gadsden has seen an unusually high number of prescriptions for pain pills and that the companies should have let the Feds know.

Roy Moore's Son Arrested

Roy Moore’s son in trouble again. Moore, the former judge, is running for the senate. His 27 year old son Caleb was charged with hunting on land without permission and charged with using bait. He’s out on $1,000 bond. Calbe Moore was also arrested in 2015 on a drug charge, but he entered a program that allowed the charge to be dropped.

Isaiha Jones of Cedar Bluff - Player of the Week 2017

Arrest In Gadsden Car Theft

A Gadsden man locked up for stealing a car. 28 year old Nathan Shane Green accused of stealing a Toyota Camry at a Circle K gas station. Easy case to make — surveillance video shows Green getting into the car.

Biden Campaigns In Alabama Senate Race

Former Vice President Joe Biden was in Birmingham campaigning for Democrat Doug Jones in the Senate race. Biden said that a victory by Jones in this Republican state would reverberate across the country but he said Alabama voters should elect Jones “for Alabama.” Jones faces Republican Roy Moore who beat Luther Strange last week. Moore’s campaign issued a statement saying the Biden visit shows that Jones favors the job-killing, budget-busting policies of the Obama and Biden.

Etowah Teen Charged In Fatal Shooting

Etowah county, a teenager charged with murder. 19-year-old Ty Jordan Kirkland accused of killing 42-year-old Kevin Charles Jones. He was shot to death during an argument a his home in Boaz. His wife was there and called 911. No word on what the argument was about — and what connection the two had. Kirkland locked-up on $100,000 cash bond.

Alabama Basketball Official Quits

The FBI continues to pick and roll on college basketball. On Tuesday, an Auburn assistant coach arrested, accused of taking bribes. Yesterday, Alabama basketball administrator Kobie Baker resigned. That comes after an internal review of the program after all the arrests started going down. Alabama says they haven’t found any rules violated by the school and that no other coaches or staff members did anything wrong. Meantime, hall of fame coach Rick Petino is out at Louisville. The feds believe a player on the team took money from addidas to go to Louisville.

Moore Beats Strange In GOP Primary

If it was a football game — it would be called a rout. Roy Moore easily beat Luther Strange in the Republican Senate Primary. Moore declared the winner well before 10 last night — beating Strange with about 57% of the vote. So, the gun-packing, horse-back riding, Bible quoting former judge — who was kicked off the bench — could be the state’s next Senator. Moore will face democrat Doug Jones in December. Luther Strange was supported by President Trump, though Trump said at a rally, the endorsement could be a mistake. And Trump’s former top advisor, Steve Bannon, supported Moore.

DeKalb Creek Polluted With Sewage

The DeKalb County Health Department says stay out of Big Wills Creek in the Terrapin Hills Country Club because the water’s nasty — with raw sewage. A privately owned sewer system spilled into the creek. So officials say no fishing or swimming or contact with the bacteria filled water.

Two Arrested After DeKalb County Chase

A brief chase in DeKalb county — two guys sped away from deputies. The two were stopped in the middle of County road 964 about one in the morning Thursday. The vehicle took off when a deputy turned on his blue lights. Near the Marshall county line, the driver wrecked. 28 year old Jose Guadalupe Perez of Albertville, along with passenger 22 year old Miguel DeJesus.