WKXX Contests

Chocolate Festival Treasure Hunt

It’s time again for the annual Chocolate Festival “Treasure Hunt Contest”!!
The first person to find the treasure will win over $3,000 in cash and prizes.

CLUE #1:
Unlike most treasure hunts, your’s starts at the end of the rainbow, so start at this strange attractions to get your first taste of action.

CLUE #2:
Try it……you’ll strike it!

Don’t forget the 2015 Chocolate Festival is Saturday, April 11th. It’s a FREE DAY of great food and music located in the Rainbow Plaza in Rainbow City. See you there!


**This year’s treasure is worth approximately $3000 in cash and prizes. Treasure hunters are looking for a  certificate (not a chest) hidden somewhere in Rainbow City.The certificate is not buried or hidden in a tree. You will not need to climb. It may, or may not, be accessible 24 hours a day. Be considerate of property owners and others while you are searching. If you find it, contact the Etowah County Chamber to verify authenticity.**

March Mayhem 2015

The WQSB MARCH MAYHEM CONTEST in back with your chance to win $500 from WQSB, MIX 102.9, Power 107.5fm & Clark’s Health Mart Pharmacy in Boaz.
Sign up for FREE today and make your picks for your chance to win.



Join The Mix/Match Game!

Spring is in the air and we’re ready to give away some $$$$!

Be listening starting Thursday, March 26th as we kick off the Mix Match Game” with Shane & Suzanne!



1)      At various times of the day; we’ll give a cue for the 9th caller to call at (256) 413-1029 to play.

2)      The game board will contain fifteen (15) numbered squares with seven pairs of Mix core artists behind each number plus one Wild Card, which makes an automatic match.

3)      The player will call 2 numbers.  If they match the same Mix artist, they’ll win $50 payable according to the schedule described below.  If they uncover the Wild Card with either the first or second called number, it’s an automatic match and you will reveal a total of three (3) numbers……the two matching artists plus the wild card.

4)      If the two artists don’t match, player does not win and contest continues with the next playing.

5)      Losing players ARE eligible to play again.  Winning players CAN NOT play and win again.

6)      With each play, the on air personality will remind players which two numbers were called with the previous play of the game and which artists were behind said numbers.

7)      Once an artist is matched, they are cleared from the board until every artist has been matched.

8)      Once the board is cleared, we will re-load it with the artist pairs in different positions on the board.

Show Us Your Big Catch 2015

Spring is finally here and it’s time to break out those fishing poles and head to the lake! If you catch the BIG ONE, send us a picture of your BIG CATCH and you could be one of our lucky monthly winners.
Each month someone will win a $100 gift card from Freedom Marine Center in Guntersville and Wagon Wheel Boots in Arab.
Send us your pictures today and have fun trying to catch the big one ;)

Our Big Catch 2015 sponsors include: Freedom Marine Center in Guntersville, and Wagon Wheels Boots in Arab.


**Submissions are not voted on. One random winner is chosen per month.**